The members of Michael Kirby Chambers in Western Australia take their inspiration from the Honourable Michael Kirby AC CMG.

A portrait of Michael Kirby painted by Drewfus Gates a noted portraitist from Perth, Western Australia.

The portrait was completed by the subject in 2022 for the opening of the Michael Kirby Chambers in Perth.

The portrait is one of a series of portraits by the artist. It measures 130cm x 90cm and has been privately acquired in Perth.

Copyright in the portrait and photos are held by Drewfus Gates; Mark Greenland and Brian Nugawela.

Members take on board the responsibility they have in practising under the banner of Michael Kirby Chambers, to emulate the high ethical standards which have been and continue to be reflected in the work of the Honourable Michael Kirby AC CMG as an eminent jurist of national and international standing, with an enviable record of service to the law and the protection of fundamental human rights.

They are guided in the practice of law by his unswerving respect for the Rule of Law and pursuit of justice and equality before the law, for all. 

The long shadow

The Barristers practising in Michael Kirby Chambers in Western Australia have chosen as the symbol of its Chambers the long shadow of its namesake, Michael Kirby, signifying his influence upon the development of the law over his lengthy career. We take as our inspiration in  our practice of the law his consistent vigilance in his analysis of the law to ensure that, as he has said, the legal decision-making process does not proceed on the pretence "that the solutions to all of the complex problems of the law today, unresolved by incontestably clear and applicable texts, can be answered by the application of nothing more than purely verbal reasoning and strict logic to words" and must take into account "emotions of ordinary citizens".  

The link between Eddie Mabo and our head of Chambers- Greg McIntyre SC

An enlightening interview with our head of Michael Kirby Chambers, Greg McIntyre SC, who is also the current President of the Law Council of Australia

Read the interview here-

Publications and News

The Members of Michael Kirby Chambers in Western Australia work in a variety of areas of legal practice and contribute to the community by sharing their knowledge and skills in the presentation of lectures and articles on legal topics and the provision of pro bono legal services to those in need.        


30.6.24 - Opinion: How a Human Rights Act would prevent minority communities from being marginalised in Australian laws

09.06.24 - Michael Kirby and Jennifer Robinson to deliver joint keynote address at landmark human rights forum


Indigenous Equality - The Long Road (G McIntyre SC, Griffiths Journal of Law & Human Dignity, Vol 8, No. 2 of 2021)

Public Events

20.11.23 - "Let no one be left behind", oration by Michael Kirby AC CMG, given at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.


9.8.22 - Workshop with Michael Kirby AC CMG